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Martin Ramsden - Profit More and Achieve Your Goals

Empowering Business Leaders, Partners of Professional Firms, and Executives

Since 1995 Martin has been working exclusively with:

Business leaders, partners of professional firms, and executives, empowering them to:

  • Maximise their own potential
  • Maximise the potential and performance of their organisations
  • Attain more peace of mind


Businesses, companies & professional firms to:

  • Improve performance
  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Increase stability
  • Grow revenue
  • Increase profitability

Martin is an entrepreneur and experienced business leader, with significant corporate experience gained working in FTSE 100 and blue-chip international corporate companies. Also many years experience with start-up companies, running small and mid-sized SME's, and family businesses. Experienced in business improvement and recovery.

Continuous Professional Development

Martin in passionate about CPD, personal training and personal development never stops. From strategic planning, leadership and coaching marketing (CIM), executive coaching, business coaching, consultancy business development, etc, to keep up to date. Martin is equally experienced to recognise fads and gimmicks that can be a distraction to a business or its people.

Peace of Mind

More important than anything Martin (or indeed any person) can do, as part of a team of similarly experienced mentors, coaches and consultants, Martin is able to ensure that clients get the exact help and support they need.

With a varied range of clients and business activities, Martin has executive and non-executive director roles, advisory board roles, undertakes specific advisory or change programmes, and provides coaching and mentoring programmes.

The Big Challenge...

With legacy recessionary measures lingering on, and uncertainty over Brexit, many companies and business owners are facing uncertainty they will have ever experienced.

Increases in fuel costs, dollar to sterling also affecting supply costs, uncertainty over business rates, and the future of EU trading to name just a few, the effect may hurt those most where businesses are not in control of the right metrics.

Issues such as these changes many business attitudes and the need for competitive advantage as well as business health has never been stronger.

Burning Questions...

We get a lot of questions about people performance and business performance. The biggest underlying problem - the common denominator - is that of being overwhelmed.

Achieving an effective team and great business performance isn't actually that hard - once you understand the fundamentals, and implement the right tactics. But neither is losing weight, or organising your garage where you have been unable to park your car! You know this - it's common sense.

But are you sure about where to start? And the right key areas of improvement? And what to measure, when to measure them and how to focus on these metrics for your business health?

If you feel you have made a start, are you sure you're doing the right things? For peace of mind, wanting to know that you are on the right path & doing the right things is not uncommon. It's something many business leaders seek. Underneath, we all mostly need reassurance.

My Top Tip ...

Spend fifteen (that's just 15) minutes using a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL online business assessment tool to help you. This now makes identifying the fundamentals and what to do utterly simple. Clients that use it are very glad that they do.

You can do this online, right now and in total confidence. Answer some straightforward questions. In just 15 minutes you will receive a succinct report. It will show you where to focus your effort for maximum effect.

This is the most important fifteen minutes you can spend on your business.

Do it now - and if the report shows any important areas of improvement, whether you seek assistance or whether you do it yourself - you'll have an unbiased guide on what actions to take, what areas to focus on.

The Outcome ...

Using your own knowledge, skills, and experience, the report can help you to be even more effective in taking the right action.

If you don't have the time or experience to identify, time or experience implement changes, you probably have professional support from a business adviser, a coach, or maybe a consultant. That's great! This report will help you to ensure that the support you receive is being focused in the right place. Feed back the findings to your coach or adviser - he or she will need to know what this report has discovered.


Martin Ramsden

p.s. Undecided or unsure? Take it easy! You are under no obligation at all. This highly valuable and essential service is backed by a team of experienced business advisers and coaches. No strings, no catch, and absolutely no obligation. You don't have to commit a thing to me or any of my colleagues - that's a 100% guarantee. But for your own sake, make a commitment to yourself - to check that you and your business are fit and healthy.

If you feel you do need support, the team of experienced professional advisers and coaches have a wide and varied range of knowledge, skills, and experience, plus the training and accreditation in helping other business people. We'll be pleased to help.

No selling - we won't be chasing after you, hounding you, selling to you. It's up to you to use or choose the resources you feel are right for you.

Get your complimentary, no obligation and totally confidential business assessment and report now ...


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